North - Italy, Piedmont: Rustic farm -
house to the hills Saluzzo nearby.

Code H3 In the hilly zone, to few meters d altitude on the level of the sea, portion of rustic of generous dimensions, absorbed in the nature in very sunny position and with good panorama on the lowland.! absorbed completely in the nature! Portion of Rustic with panoramic sight on the valley portion of house - rustic in calm position absorbed in the green and with a good panning. Dimensions: over 100 mqs with static structure partially under very good conditions. The ground of ownership is of 300 mqs. Situated Near Saluzzo to one little town ca seven hundred inhabitants, are an agricultural center

of the low valley, where the greatest Italian river, the Po, moves his first footsteps. Altitude, 460 ms. the feet of the woods it is extended to, in elevated position on the Valley PO, from where a beautiful panorama can be admired on the lowland up to the Langhes.
The house is evening oriented at east, side and wests with the sun of the morning until late early. The house like the ground of property, mqs put 300 to wests, they enjoy from one panoramic, 180 degrees, direction lowland. A big part of the structure of the house is, in good was entitled, some does carpentry room, after reason-is in the habit of could already be used.
Excursions: The territory of of this beautiful little town in the hill, he/she offers, on the mountainous slope exposed to north, numerous itineraries that use rural and forest lanes, and they are lent to fresh walks to the shade of rents woods, as well as to the use of the mountain bike.
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