Italy, region Tuscany (Tuscany),: real estate in becoming green near resorts and the sea!
Real estate Italy Code F10, approximately 60mq residential-expanses + about 3500 qm - property in the absolute steady area lain, in orbits small village (Barbarasco) place one Tresana (Aulla) and the sea. Lain middles in becoming green absolutely far distant from industrial zone, with own property a part on east side with morning's sun as well as North, and part western! The overview, only nature-panorama is at own propertz and around the house. The asphalted street serves only few houses, therefore no one of tourism is to be expected although joins very comfortably at the main streets. The big licenses a good application vacation-domicile for one, is it otherwise possibly to alter them/her/it as well as garage installs. The house is independently placed on all sides, side North is after him/it away, at one groomed forest bordering. To the ground floor as well as first floor the rooms is still apportioned., at the globe could complete one living rooms, kitchen, storeroom and at the first stick two bedrooms and one bath. a elegant garden and one enclosed park. Stream and water are calculated as ready existing and can trade man also to get heater about gas. " Grocery stores are in 2,5Km existing. "Kochens, eats and drinking in the outside means for them/her/it gigantic place existing, surely not only no problem, but a regular adventure!

Houses for sale for Northern and Central country Venetian (Venice), farmhouses in the Marches (Marche), Piedmont Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Friuli.
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