Italy!.. The Val Lunigiana in Tuscany, earth still to discover
Real estate Code H2 Tuscany, Lunigiana: it is earth in tall Tuscany as an emerald (of which reflects the colors of it) you/he/she is set among Liguria and Emilia Romagna along the axle of the river Thin and his/her tributaries; this region is characterized by sweets hills and verdant valleys, crowned from the Appennineses mountains and from the Alps Apuane sprinkled of so precious jewels as the caves of that white marble, very loved by Michelangelo, and that still today ornate and it furnishes the houses and the plazas of the whole World. In Lunigiana during the Middle Ages they existed well 160 castles, of which only an about thirty they have actually reached our days in good state of maintenance. The historical origins of these castles go up again to the times when the Longobardis dominated big part of the lowland padana and looking for a result toward the sea they individualized in the Footstep of the Cisa the natural passage among the mountains "appenniniche".Bibola Fortress The view from the castle is just stunning: it stretches from the Val di Magra, to the Apuane and the Apennines. The fortress was restored and modified many times throughout the centuries, and the present structure dates from the XIV century. The walls are about 8 meters (26ft) high, strengthened by three circular towers; the whole structure once extended over two levels. Motorway A15 exit - Aulla Few kilometres south Aulla, in the Aulla valley, there is the Bibola hill, with the homonymous village and castle.Its origin may be linked to the Roman period, as shows the name - place which has not changed in the time.Yet, there is nothing left of the Roman domination.Subsequently, Byzantine sources document at the beginning of the VII century the existence on the hill of a fortified site which probably was readjusted in the XI and XII centuries when the Luni Bishops fought for the Sliera court, a traditional place of fight of the bishops' hegemony and the Malaspina's one.

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