North - Central Italy, Emilia Romagna: House with Garden
frecciadxDescription of the house
North - central Italy: Home in the Emilia Romagna in the Sea nearby !
Real estate code H5 Emilia: house with 350qm Garden. Single home in very calm position with possibility of magnify. Not away from the beaches to fit with iron him to 31 kms from the sea of the Beach of Lido di Volano, with great garden of ca. 350 level mqs and few plants of berry white grape and a bell I plant with trees of fig tree. l excellent exposure, East / west allows the sun to directly be always present in the property from the morning soon up to the sunset . The road up to the h. it serves few residences and it is connected to the cycle footstep, therefore there is no traffic and in more you/he/she can be enjoyed some panoramic walk sull bank of the river and the cycle road. neighbors to few meters of distance to be able to check the h. in absence of his/her/their master, and I center country in ca 400 ms with 3 shops alimentary 2 restaurants 4 cafe, Posts, Bank 2 hardwares etc. strategic Position: Absolute peace but country and comfortable services I center as the sea to ca. 30km! The h. is to systematize (inclusive bath) but roof and structure are well solid.

frecciadx The price
Real estates Code H5

Price: 55.000 Euro
Taxes ca.2.000 Euro,(desk at first h.)
Notary ca.1.600 Euro, (universe enrollment-expenses included)
Commission, anybody
Court-interpreters ca 400 Euro
The house needs maintenance. in the price some jobs are included to the inside walls and a new bath

frecciadx Customer service - garantees

Property in Italy: The " guaranteed " houses!
Code H5 Emilia Romagna:
Property involves him/it first natural guarantee the financial datum at him/it: Effective price shall for the purchase: if pass, navy - h. " of it places itself itself for the difference, that overcomes the expenses described to the detail, financially responsibly. EACH GUARANTEE involves ONLY THE PROPERTY reported AT THE PRESENT CODE INTO SAME SIDE (in this case H5) EXPRESSLY.
1) guarantee at him/it effective purchase-food including is the taxes, land-registers examination-documents and notarial handling.
2) guarantee with full responsibility exists for the absence of debts, mortgages and weighs type from everyone, outside the straight existing Servitu for example " servant-shaft of passageway " and similar,
3) help concretely and in the area after sale for organizes an as favorable as possible restructuring as well as possible enlargements.
4) guarantee of electric delivery, Enel " and available drinking water up to the the property and to it also included in the purchase-price.
5) guarantee on no obstacles concerning the desk from application to civilian clothes residence usufruct at the parish.
(We put her/it/them life-projects to realize us so preferably helpful should take however stuck out licenses caused from inattentiveness difficulties from penalties or construction - dung-action of area-construction and environment norms etc.) For your proper immunity, an Aria-I design od. Area-surveyor can yes, however always successfully helps!

Propertys sales " for Northern and Central country. Rustic hamlets farms, property farmhouses in the Venice (Veneto), the Marches (Marche) Tuscany. Farm, hamlets,rustic in Liguria, Romagna and Friuli.
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Home farmstead to the sale Venetian (Venice), the Marches (Marche.)Farmhouses rustic, hamlets farms in Tuscany Liguria, Friuli and Piedmont.
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