Italy, Veneto sea nearby: Portion of
rustic in the small suburb !

Code F4 Following house share is middle in the country-area right, about 15 car-minutes from the the Adriatic-sea., beaches Lignano and Bibione. Low price, great dimensions and small distance in the beaches are among the advantages that he/she offers this house! Typically Italian home! Portion of house of absorbed head in the green next to the adriatic sea! Real estate - for sale Code F4 (around 100mq) House to central team in situated sale to in the proximities of Latisana in small country ca 16 kms from the Sea. Away from industrial installations and happily had been positioning with

sun for the morning to the evening (to south they are found the majority of the windows) Panning natural good person, (naturally still best all last floor). Despite is a rustic construction is introduced dry and under discreet general conditions. The dimensions allow a good use as house of it vacations but as many as first house. the house is positioned in independent way on two sides (east side and west combined to the near house) constituted to the plain earth by an entry, stay and independent kitchenette. To the first floor corridor, die great rooms and to the second floor, garret, great exploitable space for a Bath and anchor two rooms. A little portion property of few meters squares comfortable as sets plots or to place you a table chairs! To restructure, the neighbors, l has already done, rather well!
the property lies far from that, traffic makes a noise from car. Streets also like trains and other sounds are absolute not to sense. And is to be reported that di size of the loose screw, also makes possible, two residential - units, to realize, two apartments.

FRACTIONS IT IS PLACE: Villanova della Cartera, Malafesta, San Mauro, Pozzi, San Giorgio, San Filippo, Cesarolo, Pradis, Prati Nuovi, Terzo Bacino, Marinella, Bevazzana e Bibione. This last urban center is known to international level as bathing place and you/he/she is become, for tourist presences, the 3° bathing pole of the Peninsula
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