Luxury Villas with Property in Emilia nearby Tuscany!
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Two Villas with Property
Code L5 Italy Beautiful villa with second house in the green on the hill lain to the borders between Romagna and Tuscany to 650 mt Seehöhes. 18000 qms of garden completely enclosed. Second building is built the first house it on stone, an old farmstead of the 1300 of 290 qms is admission to the ground floor with chimney and wide parlor that it a wall and a handsome head column in old stone protected, a porch with walls in glass and doors and Blendrahmen into wood, kitchen, 2 baths and Abstellkammer. The foreground is accessible as well as from the outer through a stairway in stone. As well as from the inside of a very beautiful stairway from wood is she/it present 4 rooms, 3 baths, 2 with shower and 1 with tub, small living rooms with chimney, from which it enters to a wide attic, 30 mq )cons moistens with tub and conditional air. The second building is an old silo of 160 qms + 20 qms of arcade, also it completely restores, to the ground floor wide parlor with chimney, kitchen, bath and Abstellkammer, to the foreground 3 rooms and a bath and a small attic. Services to the disposal are: Drinking water, light gas, sinks bottle of gpl, telephone and installations TV in each rooms. The property is located 3 km from her/it of place Portico di Romagna, è of lived in middle into one very sunny and undisturbed position is the street completely in order to reach her/it/them, asphalts and easily passable also during the winter. Portico di Romagna is a small village into them/her/it, Casentinesi sews from the national park of the forests, it is a very quieter layer, in summers, bathes is to be been able to beautifully at the river, in the surroundings goes for a walk and it is the ideal place in order to reach famous cities of art. It borders with at Toscana, 60Km of Florence, 80 km from Arezzo and with the most beautiful Romagna, 50KM of Ravenna and from the Adriatic coast, 70Km of Rimini and San Marino as well as sews origin at villages of Middle age.

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