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Real estate for sale: Buy homes in Emilia Romagna, the region where every joy of life is possible!

It's not a 'claim too much for this wonderful region that is located in northern Italy, with its houses scattered to the ends of the Apennines in Liguria and Tuscany, and the left bank of the river Po also borders the Adriatic Sea to the east with Piedmont and Liguria to the west, Tuscany, the Marches and the Republic of San Marino in the south. Its main town of Bologna. The region has a population of about 4 million inhabitants.

Do not wish to overlook the big cities and art, but prefer to talk about areas with homes for sale that are still not well known!

The Parco del Delta del Po Emilia-Romagna, for example!

It has territorial and ecological characteristics that make it unique. It covers a total area of over 52,000 hectares of land considered to be among the most productive and rich in biodiversity: the Park therefore has an identity card of all respect ..
Despite being one of Protected Areas most populated and economically developed areas of the country, the Parco del Delta del Po Emilia-Romagna preserves within itself the largest Italian extension of protected wetlands. Therefore, the Po Delta Park of Emilia - Romagna has supported and created the International Association of parks delta: Delta calls Delta.
The Po Delta because of its cultural and economic history as a crossroads between East and West kept internally important vestiges of its splendid past. So in the Park co-exist in Emilia-Romagna wonderful balance valuable natural and beautiful works of art and culture, recognized by UNESCO.
The Po Delta Park is a protected area of great complexity to be both Overland Park, River Park and Coastal Park. But there is no doubt that the natural element more connotes the other is the water though, to get there, there are convenient ways of communication.
It 's the unstable relationship between water and land, their always precarious balance, which in the Po Delta has resulted in a shifting landscape as well as forests, pine forests and flooded inland wetlands alternate with fresh water or salt. Biodiversity in the Delta area in particular is extraordinary that there are over 280 species of birds.
The most important features of the Delta are detailed in the Visitor Centers and museums included in the Park.

Real estate and Gastronomy

A clarification is in order. In a region like Emilia Romagna, which boasts over 60 recipes, offer food and wine should be enjoyed and savored rather than learned from news reports and comments.

We try to whet your appetite and your imagination, hoping to schedule a quick visit to the region "fattest" of Italy

In Emilia Romagna you can stop for starters. Every city and province has its own specialty.

It starts by Borlenghi, wafers made from milk and eggs, to go to Reggio Chizzo, fried dumplings stuffed with parmesan to taste hot. Also in Reggio Emilia, it is worth starting the meal with a Erbazzone, a variant of the most famous pizza with vegetables of the Neapolitan tradition, with spinach and flavored with cinnamon.

In Bologna, indulge in delicious mortadella mousse, or travel to Modena to taste Tigella, a traditional bread baked in special stones or mixed Parma for the fried cake, made with flour.

Impossible, moreover, not to mention the prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and Culatello, expensive but delicious sliced.

If you're still hungry and decide to switch to the first, be prepared for an orgy of ideas and flavors. The recipe for this regional scale are numerous.

Typical dishes and Emilia Romagna.

This region is the home of Tortellini, Cappelletti of, noodles.

The sauces are generally heavy but tasty. The Bolognese sauce is made only by tomato, ground beef, onion, carrots and celery. The variant typically involves the addition of cream at the time when the dough is combined with the sauce.

On all pasta dishes with tomato sauce, Grana Padano or the most delicious cheese are a must.

Anolini meat and Parma cappelletti all'emiliana are prepared with meat broth, and both are bonbons stuffed with meat and cheese.

A Ferrara to feast on lasagna Roast the Ferrarese and pie: In a wonderful blend of cream and meat sauce, with lots of Parmesan cheese and add milk.

Passatelli Reggio Emilia, cooked in broth, however, consist of a crumbled egg and bread crumbs with the addition of cheese that is cooked directly in the broth.

On the Adriatic coast the most representative dish for the first is the fish soup.

(Also see the special on The pasta to this region )
For the latter, from the coast in this region, there is plenty of choice. In marine eel Ferrara is the main dish, along with the sole with wine and scampi with ham. For those who have digestive problems and is recommended zampone Modena line with lentil bolognese or tripe.

At Piacenza and its culinary art is expressed in the preparation of the kid, in Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia is the Rabbit to the "second main course."

For the most refined palates are recommended snails Bobbio with carrots, onion and tomato sauce, while in the Parma area, thistles with truffles are a delicacy of the highest level.

Elaborate how tasty, rich aromas and flavors, the sweet more characteristic of the eastern region, the Burlengo Romagna. It consists of a myriad of ingredients, including excel rice, barley and barley as well as almonds and walnuts.

Easier Bracciadella Reggio, like most classic of donuts. A delight, the Bonissima cake filled with walnuts and honey and covered with chocolate. Typical of the town apothecary Bologna pan with sugar, almonds, pine nuts and various spices. The traditional recipe for this cake now undergoes many variations, all very tasty.

At Christmas, in the area of Reggio Emilia, you can taste the spongata Christmas cake filled by high-calorie, rich in spices with honey, walnuts, almonds, flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves

If a defect can be found offering regional food and wine, this is the wine.

Combination of ideal life: beautiful homes and good wine!

The first grape growers in the region date back to 6000 BC and lived in the area near Bellure, or so they tell us even if the archaeological sources, the first wine-related artifacts are much more "recent", that can be dated around 1700 BC The first real lives of the farmers were always the Etruscans who created huge swathes of vineyards in the area near Faenza, this news comes to us from the Roman era reports that highlight the perfection and beauty of cultures in addition to large quantities. E 'with the Middle Ages, however, that the production of wine and then became important with each passing year that the wine acquires a fundamental role in the region. The first DOC in 1967 and was the first DOCG in Italy it was the Albana di Romagna. After the Veneto is the region that has the largest wine production in Italy. The terrain is varied flat 48%, 27% hilly and 25% range. Even the climate is different from area to area, the rivers do not have a great significance for the cultivation of the vine, but the sea has a positive influence in Romagna. In the plain to the north the grapes are grown mainly for the production of spirits (many companies around Bologna). In the hills to the north we find the labrusca in its various types and wine of the Colli di Parma and Piacenza often moved or lovable. The variety most important and most used is Sangiovese, but you can not remember Albania. Among the most red grapes grown are Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, Lambrusco in addition to the indigenous black dog, Teran, and Fortana Ancellotta; among the white grape varieties Sauvignon, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Pinot Blanc and the autochthonous Albanian, ortrugo, Pignoletto and Mont. Remember that in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia are cultivated varieties such as Trebbiano, Lambrusco and only Cat's Eye for the production of traditional balsamic vinegar, a specialty that the world envies.

Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Lambrusco, although, in recent years due to cuts and grafts, local producers have managed to increase strength and improve the taste, are produced too "light" and evanescent than the flow of regional cuisine.

To match the cuisine of Emilia is recommended to prefer older wines if you really want to stay in the region.

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