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Estate brokers for Northern and Central Italy
Real estates dealers: You are on the most cordial welcome with us!

(From now on to all of our excuses for the quality of the translation )
If you for real estate - houses, vacation-apartments in North and Central Italy Friuli, Venice, Marches, Tuscany, regular or also rare inquiries has, then that presents itself you Possibility for your own Customers our real estate, to offer. It remains natural Her/its/their responsibility! Our selection at hamlets - farmhouses, villas spreads from northern until middle It., mostly in the nature clutches, in the Italian
Sea-proximity In of the level For very demanding, an Luxry - property representation is also existing. Of course, we should take the time from us some previously , to discuss important details. Equally beforehand, we allow ourselves, you some over our , To report work-philosophy.
  • Bei each business-conclusion; is always garantiert!
  • Guarantee means: No exception can your promised commission after a successful recommendation of our farmhouses - rustic to influence!
  • Should the distance too far away is, i.e. a direct contact in the respective area one to big burden means, then the full commission of course also remains existing.
Shortly Word to the purchase-security : One of your customers should indicate a purchase-interest, recommends we before a written purch.-agreement, a notarial, Information respecting the property and the lawful rules , to catch up with. It passes of course also the possibility possibly bilingual lawyers to the better communication , to draw near. These can a r. estate - examination to enforces an inexpensive tariff. Recommend on wish we them gladly somebody and gives you of course also the address!

Profits guarantee through your support Following would now like to quote some points we, that your responsibility at the commission should expound: 1, on your inquiry, we commit ourselves, after sightseeing, respecting your purchase-interests, each houses information to the , To put disposal.
2, Signed and paid preliminary contracts : With the preliminary contract, your commission is already concretely sure. However let's recommend from respect before the customer, your commission first, with the complete successful conclusion, to collect.
3, in It. only few examination days are in almost all cases for a complete notarial handling necessary. Everyone Tidings likes to pay something more, with a clear accelerated Purchase-handling. We pay them/her/it for our rustic - farmhouse - villas Commission already with conclusion; the preliminary contract in height from 3% of the purch.-sum.
4, if used one your customer with different surname, and nevertheless a normal purch.-handling takes place and this as Owners is written down, of course, the commission remains fully gets.
5, your Provisions responsibility even then remains given, if the buyer of a property a friend of your tidings is. FOR EXAMPLE your customer is a co-worker of the buyer, neighbor, or simply he/it lives in the same place (City area). We recognize all commission-right by the broker after purchase conclusion from our side within 12 months as for us responsible at, even if " as an exception " a customer of the broker already in our tidings-list should be. A corresponding inquiry the broker to a sightseeing-date, support means its purch. and that on the other hand pulls a commission-guarantee after itself.

Die prices is as final purchase-sums , to treat, and is no suggested prices:
Not rarely however, it occurs that with conclusion the Purchase's the sums of -1% until - 3% it decreases. A positive information can take place.
There are also cases where with the sale-object on wish of the owner no price, to see, is. That is the right of the owner. On We of course immediately give inquiry information however. If it us is allowed, we already report of course with our catalog or per Internet Videoexpose' also over the purch.-prices. Our vacation houses prices are plus your commission, the taxes and notarial enrollment-expenses', to calculate. For your effort, we offer you the best work-conditions. We would like however following essential conditions:

  • An no property is allowed extra increase of price.
  • Es, to produce a price-information together with commission, is allowed.
  • Es is and remains an elaborate and entire purchase-sum in the discretion of the customer with the individual extra expenses however, just as the individual expenses-stations and an exact reason to demand.
in It. the real estate - houses is from different origin, private -, singles-entrepreneurs (societies), therefore information remains necessary an elaborate property in the a moment ago-one, for an optimal preparation respecting the best possible work-conditions! Our property are a valued election in our own area. And for the unexceptional beautiful environment-positioning, at the sea, hill-country in the becomes green, and for their unique character, they offer an absolute price-low. We guarantee advantageous prices in the comparison at area-alternatives. There is therefore for serious prospects more than only good chances, there are concrete opportunities! If a customer in It. would therefore like to buy something, you therefore immediately give information her/it/them over which interesting home has. In turn with only a small contact-effort, they have even the possibility a beautiful commission to gets!
Then, if all content is....... let's speak handling of good sales!

"MARINEHAUS" r. estate.

Manager sales: DEL MONACO ELVIS

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