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Information about this region.

Located in the north east of the Italian peninsula, the Fr. Venezia Giulia was born from the union and the Fr. and Venezia Giulia, a mountainous territory is divided between about 40% and 40% level, the rest is hilly. To the south, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, its regional capital is Trieste and other provinces are Gorizia, Pordenone and Udine.

Into this region is naturalistically, very interesting, you can define special, given the variety of its territories and biodiversity, it is also a witness to the great number of their parks, protected areas and nature reserves exist.

To visit Trieste and the Castle of Miramare, Udine where some of the best villas and old houses with works by Tiepolo great painter of the 700 Italian, Tarvisio which is one of the best equipped centers winter Friuli. Industry in the region.
The industry is well established in the region with a predominance of medium and small enterprises operating mainly in the mechanical, food, metals, wood and furniture industry.

Tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia
Important and growing trend in the tourism sector in the territory, which takes advantage of both of which mountainous areas of sea areas with the outlet in the Adriatic Sea, with known locations like Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Agriculture in the region.
As you can imagine agriculture is more developed in the south and north of the region being mountainous terrain prevail pastures and forests. The priority crops as tobacco, sugar beet and also mulberry, food for the silkworms used to create the precious yarn.

Good also the area of fruit cultivation, but also that of cereals, an important quality grapes to produce wines of this beautiful region. The hills of the Colli Orientali del Friuli very suitable for the cultivation of the vine, we can cite some good wines as the DOC Aquileia, Mller Thurgau, Traminer and Pinot.

But why Pallare history or food and wine for a site specializing in selling houses, farmhouses and villas!

The real estate is a part of history here in Friuli, and tell what little compared to what you find you can buy a house or a farmhouse in this beautiful region!


The vines grown in Fr. and the Karst produce a rich variety of vintage wines, both white grapes than red grapes. Some varieties are indigenous, others in the past imported from France and the Rhine basin Over time, the wine-growing region has undergone several transformations due both to changes in taste, and the consequent market orientation, and to attack by mildew and phylloxera ..
I'm so gone, or remain at the level of crop amateur or experimental equipment, such as local wines Forgiarin, Scjagln, Piculit blacks, Ucelut, Cjanorie, Small black.
At the end of the nineteenth century were also made experiments of hybridization between European and American species, particularly with the varietiess Clinton today completely abandoned (cross between Vitis labrusca and Vitis riparia), Isabella grapes or strawberries (Vitis labrusca, cross with Vitis vinifera) and Noah Noax also called bream or white or white Clinton (obtained by crossing a clone of Vitis labrusca with a clone of Vitis riparia). The wines produced from these hybrids were shown to be of poor quality wines, not suitable for aging, rich in methanol. Were also covered by the law of "no wine" because not only obtained from vitis vinifera, and therefore have been subject to heavy penalties.
While Clinton has virtually disappeared, and Noah Fragolino continue to be produced, although for non-commercial use.
Finally, among those abandoned crossings must remember the bug (a cross of Vitis vinifera and Vitis riparia from France).

1273 - Fifth generation of a family of winemakers who wrote the story of 'quality wine in Fr. Venezia Giulia, Roberto conducting two prestigious companies that are located in the Collio Gorizia, the parent company of Marco Felluga Gradisca Russiz Isonzo and Above Capriva del Fr., estate of 100 hectares, which bears the label of its wines an eagle, the emblem of the principles of Torre Tasso, one of the first rulers of these lands, arrived in the region in 1273

1390 - The origin of this variety is very ancient. We know that the great multitude of native vines of the Fr. Venezia Giulia and its area of origin should be between the Karst and Istria. In the annals of Fr., F. By Manzano, already in 1390 we wrote that: "The Roman ambassadors offered ingastariis 20 (earthenware or glass flasks containing more than a liter of wine) a general of the Dominican 'Wine Refosco

Verduzzo 1863: One of the varieties grown almost always in the region, although it finds its best position in the environmental area of the Colli Orientali del Fr., by Nimis (with the "cru" Super Ramandolo) to Torlano Faedis and up the hills of Butterwick and Rosazzo.

Ramandolo has always enjoyed a well-deserved recognition for its special quality.

History, in fact, speaks of a famous lunch at Cividale, in the early fourteenth century, in honor of Pope Gregory XII, in which dishes were served with the wines seventy-two Ramandolo (of Torlano) and Verduzzo (Faedis), as well as Refosco, Marzemino, and Fumatt Cividin.

The catalog of the wines of 1863, Fr. Agricultural Association, called the grape Verduzzo the best local white and therefore recommended throughout the region. It was, in fact, initially cultivated in a vast area that included the eastern hills, the foothills, the middle and lower plains to over Casarsa. This is because it suited to any type of soil and gave a big production, not subject to fungal diseases and offering an excellent wine, especially in the hill (on the plain was obtained as a wine "dry" and less "important").

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Lamb Istrian
Lamb of Istrian cattle breed is also known as the Istrian Karst or Pramennka.
Spiced ground pork and lard, looks like a mush stored in glass containers under a layer of salt.
Meat mixture into sausages spherical in shape, also known as the sauce, the dough of which the usual mixture of meat and rind is added to the sausage muscoletti pork and bits of language.
Thin strips of smoked beef jerky, also known as pindulis that are consumed in natural color, as appetizer or as an accompaniment to an aperitif fuoripasto.
Capon Friulian
Gallo neutered, kept for at least months in warehouses and adjacent courtyards. Live weight from 4 to 6 kg, carcass weight from 3 to 5 kg. The capon slaughtered preserves: the head, wing tips and tail feathers.
Products with the fat of the pig is a preparation used in the past the remains of sausages to be used as an ingredient for bread. Fricis are also called greaves.
Cup Head
Full boiled pig's head and stuffed in Fr. Cope.
Cooked Goose
Whole boneless duck stuffed with goose flesh, hand-sewn, bound cooked and smoked.
You use the liver of ground pork, wrapped in the mesentery. The product (crafut) is in the form of small meatball.
It 'a meat that is obtained from the loin (or rack) of the pig.
Smoked sausage
Sausages: sausage and pork sausage Sauris. Cured sausages: sausage Sauris cacciatorino Sauris.
It uses the fat obtained from the dorsal region of the pig, the most solid and valuable, after removal of soft fat.
Language cotta Carnia
Corned beef tongue and smoked a short maturation of variable size between 1,300 and 1,800 grams.
Dough sausage packed into the center of the dough with large tongue whole hog.
Mixture of smoked pork sausages and possibly, also known as sausage, Lugana, sausage, Lujan.
Chopped entrails, tanned and salted, wrapped nell'omento (net) of the pig and place it on a floor strewn with flour polenta, stuffed into casings or "wrong."
Mixture of pork sausages, in Friulian 'must'.
Ossocollo smoked and salted pork
The smoking process is giving them nicely characterizes the culatello all'ossocollo that an aromatic enhancing the distinctive flavors of these meats.
Rolled and smoked bacon sweet
The balanced management in the preparation of meat and spices, along with the Carnian of the mountain microclimate and light smoke, enhancing the features of beef.
Rolled bacon manicata
The abdomen of the pork is salted, spiced, rolled and introduced into a particular type of casing, in jargon called "sleeve seasoned."
Bacon loin
It is used with the bacon rind deprived of loin steaks. You add salt and pepper, and ground beans. Everything is packed intto natural beef.
Bacon spread, bacon, bacon
More or less seasoned pork.
This is a very special sausage made from the pulp of the municipality to which salami are mixed in various amounts, crackling pork.
This is a sausage composed of all the scents of the garden, after the fat is mixed ground of the dorsal region of the pig
Game meat chopped and mixed with salt, pepper, fennel or other herbs, then pressed and then smoked
Smoked goose breast
The production technique is to separate the two goose breasts, roll them in dry salt for five days according to tradition, spiced, and then partially cured.
Pieces of meat of cattle sheep or goat adult, scoured and cleaned and dried spices.
Bagged obtained by processing of pork offal
Whole boneless duck stuffed with pork fillet, hand-sewn, bound cooked and smoked
Raw hams goose
And 'one of the oldest duck sausage in our region, was being produced in 1400 by the family Gentilli of San Daniele del Fr.
Ham Cormons
The form is characterized by the presence of the foot. Size from 8 to 12kg on the bone. Sweet and slightly smoky.
Fresh or smoked ham
Pork more or less seasoned salt and seasoned variable sized slightly smoked.
Salam cuesta
Boneless pork chops, thick cut, minced and stuffed.
Salame d'oca
If they know of two types: one that uses 100% goose meat, and one that also involves the use of pork to a maximum of 50%.
Salame Friulian
Choice pork, minced and mixed with lard, spices, sausages and preserved.
Coagulated pig's blood sausage prepared by mixing boiling water and ground with fresh bloody meat and lard, salt and pepper, herbs.
Lard and bacon, spicy pork, ground and stored in glass jars.
Spicy pork cheek.
Schulte fumt
Boneless pork shoulder deprived of the rind and fat surface more or less seasoned
The mixes are only pure pork meat, seasoned with salt, herbs, spices, garlic and white wine are bagged only in natural casings.
Shoulder cooked smoked meat
The shoulder bone once salty and spicy steamed.
Smoked bacon
Pig meat salted, spiced, smoked and cured free perfume and delicate flavor thanks to the micro conditions - climatic mountain Carnian.
Speck Goose
The single goose breast is dry salted cured for about three months and cold-smoked using beech and oak, juniper berries and bay leaves.
Shin Carnia
The shank is salted with the addition of spices (pepper, garlic, juniper berries and bay leaves) and smoked cheese.
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Acacia Honey Karst
Unifloral acacia honey is well known and appreciated for its delicate flavor with a hint of vanilla and slightly bitter aftertaste.
Honey Marasca Karst
It is characterized by reddish amber color with hints of a bitter taste and aroma reminiscent of almonds.
Honeydew forest Karst
Honey-colored and 'dark or very dark, with hints of caramel, dried fruit.
Honey Lime Karst
Light amber-colored honey taste slightly bitter taste characterized by very cool of menthol and herbs.
Acacia Honey Friulian
It has a delicate smell with a scent reminiscent of stewed pear. The flavor is very sweet with a connotation of cooked fruit.
Chestnut Honey Friulian
Honey amber clear whether pure, with dark color when it is mixed with honeydew with a bitter taste, long finish.
Friulian dandelion honey
The color is yellow with amber highlights. It has a very strong and pungent odor.
Miele millefiori Karst
If this honey produced in the first part of spring is marked by the aroma of bitter cherry, and if the latest product features delicate aroma of various herbaceous legumes.
Miele millefiori the mountains of Fr.
It comes with color ranging from white-beige to dark beige very clear. Normally has a delicate aroma and flavor normally sweet.
Wildflower honey in the Friulian plain
If the product early in the spring tends to clear up from the nectar of dandelions, if produced in the early summer is for the amber nectar acacia; when produced from July onwards is dark amber to the honeydew.
Ricotta smoked hut
White cheese, dry and grainy with a delicate smoky taste.
Goat cheese
The cheese whey of goat's milk, can be eaten fresh or can be smoked with wood smoke in the local woods and aromatic essences.

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