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How will your data be processed?

Dear reader,   ! If your privacy and the protection of your data are particularly important to you, you may be pleased to read these few lines!

Marinehaus considers its users' privacy fundamental for its business.

The mission of our website with the data provided online, is to satisfy immediately both your simple curiosity and also more serious interest, providing important information, such as the size, the area, the general conditions and if possible also the asking price for each property.

But not everything can be put online, owing precisely to the question of privacy. The decision to visit the property to be able to examine personally its particular features and details is always and in any case the best. Every request and visit is considered free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illegal or incorrect uses and unauthorized accesses. Our operations are intended to keep your privacy assured with every means at our disposal!

We are happy to receive your requests, which are always read with attention. The way you write them is quite important!

Sorry, it may be impossible to answer requests sent with phone number errors or with data omitted (unfortunately frequently sent by spammers and scammers.) We decide in our sole judgment and discretion. Therefore, in their mutual interest, please, to fill out the form properly.!

Applying the rules on privacy scrupulously, we hope you understand the positive sense and seriousness of our work, and are sure that you will appreciate this, as you are sincerely interested!

The Staff!

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