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You can easily understand that in such an environment, finding homes to this territory, can become a chimera, given the international interest that the world as well as the addresses of our wealthy connoisseurs of the sweet life. But not entirely so, fortunately, if the first places on the beach (symbolically speaking) are employed, means not a place a bit further back (a house) but free and cheap is still there. In fact, only 20 minutes from those remote areas economically, we can find attractive homes in a land unknown, mysterious and attractive: The 'Ligurian hinterland!

Liguria: sea, mountain and Holidays
Generous with space and reclaimed land from the sea and the mountains of L. is a land that has the miraculous, inhabited since ancient times in houses fitted together on the coast, by a proud people who knew how to make the fertile rock, tenacious cultivating olive trees and scenic vineyards clinging to the cliffs overlooking the sea, where the area would discourage any initiative.
The geographical position of the thin mountain arc bordering the Gulf of Genoa, the beauty of its natural environment, its mild climate, blue sea, ancient historical sites and tourist spontaneous, the territory have made a perfect region to offer hospitality in cottages, villas and old houses turned into B & B to spend your holidays in L.
The dual soul of L., contention between the rural villages of the hinterland and the resourcefulness of maritime centers, open to trade and international contacts, the originator of the character of its inhabitants.

This region is of 1,607,878 inhabitants located in the northwest of the peninsula and which has as its capital the city of Genoa. It is bordered on the south by the Ligurian Sea to the west by France, to the north, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna to the east of Tuscany. Sandwiched between the mountain ranges of the Alps and the Apennines and the sea, the region is divided into two parts: the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante. The region includes large portions of territory tributary of the Po basin north of the Alpine-Apennine ridge and almost all the maritime background, the long stretch of coastline between the historical borders with France and the low valley near Magra Sarzana Aulla. This is a region of great tourist attraction for its natural beauty, among which stand out the Riviera and Portofino, Cinque Terre and Portovenere. With its 5,410 km. L. is one of the smallest regions of Italy but it is one of the most densely populated.

The climate of Liguria
The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, influenced by the rough morphology of an area largely hilly - mountains, but open on a warm sea. This morphology creates different microclimates in the two rivers. These values were then features exceptional if one takes into account the relativvely high latitude of this area, lapping the 44th parallel north. Summer is moderately hot but muggy. Inland is semi-continental climate and more rigid, with very low average winter, especially in some of the side valleys of the Po valley region.

this territory is a land rich in natural beauty where the marriage between land and sea make the diverse variety of ecosystems. There is a national park, eight regional parks, three nature reserves and a national and finally nineteen mountain communities. These institutions must be added the Ligurian Alta Via dei Monti, a route length of about 440 km. The protection of the sea is carried out by two marine protected areas and the Sanctuary of Cetaceans. In Western region side, there are three regional nature reserves: The Reserve Bergeggi, 8 hectares, consisting of a small limestone island, the island Gallinara Reserve, 11 hectares (which houses the calcareous soil the typical Mediterranean vegetation) and Reserve Rio Torsero, consisting of 4 acres. In the Riviera Ligure di Levante is a nature reserve in the province of Genoa.

The Ligurian Sea
The Ligurian Sea is a part of the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Genoa is an important part. The coasts are generally high and rocky, while to the west are lower on average, sometimes sandy. The ribs are sometimes interrupted by estuaries of small rivers. The Ligurian Sea washes the coasts of L. and the Tuscany, the French department of Alpes-Maritimes and therefore also of the principality of Monaco, the shoals of Meloria, the islands of Capraia and Gorgona, the northern part of Corsica. The Elba Island and the rest of the archipelago are located in the adjacent Tyrrhenian Sea. In the northern part lies the Gulf of Genoa which is fully understood.


The Ligurian reveal qualities of initiative and talent are appreciated all over the world, with a strong attachment to individualism and austere traditions of a land often torn from the mountain with superhuman labors and ancient farmhouses and vineyards clinging to the rock.

Knowing this ancient land, or rediscover, in his attempt to penetrate the complex reality that has many tips that every corner offers represent not only the reason for a different holiday, but also the proposal for a safe cultural and human enrichment and the extent of all.

The heat of the sun, the exuberance and colors of nature, traces of the patient work of man, monuments and works of art from all eras, a regional culture alive, also made up of traditions, crafts, food, cards are a colorful mosaic called Liguria.

Wise the Ligurian cuisine and tasty, able to combine the fish to those grown on the steep rugged hinterland that thin out towards the sea.

The gastronomic offer of this territory is one of the most interesting in Italy, structured so as to enhance the scents and colors of L.

The recipe is the universally recognized pesto alla Genovese.

The starters of Ligurian cuisine.

An appetizer of typical Ligurian cuisine is the Panissa, a sort of polenta made from chickpea flour and then fried. Similar to Panissa, also the cuckoos, also made of chickpeas.

All along the Riviera di Ponente arena in Ventimiglia via Loano, the highest achievement of Ligurian cuisine is the culinary Cappon Magro, based on sea bass and lobster embellished with vegetables.

The typical Ligurian dishes.

Pesto is the main condiment for many dishes. Accompanies many types of pasta, from trenette the gnocchi.

Minestrone alla Genovese (menestrun to zeneize) is typical of Genoa. Served warm with the addition of pesto.

Ligurian hinterland, and certainly the most famous dish risotto with chestnuts and milk recipe is simple and genuine, as well as Pancotto, typically peasant but enriched with olive oil.

Do not be, however, deceived by another dish called Genovese, which is a sauce of onions and meat, which is typical Neapolitan.

This is a sauce of onions, sauted in wwhite wine with beef and ham. It is used as a sauce for macaroni or homemade pasta.

Famous and not lose the corzetti Polceverasca, special curved maccaroncelli seeds, cooked with meat sauce and parmesan cheese.

And to stay on a typical meal, do not forget the gasse, which are nothing but the butterflies, with a sauce of peas.

(Also see the special on The pasta in region)
The fried whitebait Loano are one of the most popular dishes, cooked with olive oil, lemon and pepper.

Cinque Terre, the main course are the guts of yolk, cooked in olive oil and seasoned with pepper, for which you are using a skewer for roasting.

The dish is named Axelle. For Buridda L., however, using a variety of fish octopus, squid, razor clams and shrimp, cooked with mushrooms and other vegetables, pine nuts and the inevitable addition to olive oil.

For those who decide to stay light, so to speak, can opt for a salad Nioise, made with vegetables, anchovies and tuna and eggs.

It 's a dish common in the extreme proposal primarily on the Riviera di Ponente, from Ventimiglia to San Remo.

Beans Genovese, which are actually beans with chopped parsley is another scale to consider for those who keep us on the line.

The Best wines of Liguria.
This region has a good tradition of wine mainly due to its location on the sea that the favor is in tourism, both in the shipping business, and therefore also in the marketing of wine production coastline. The first documents the existence of vines date back to Roman times but was in the Middle Ages, there was a significant increase in areas planted with vines. Today viticulture Ligurian focuses mainly on the areas around La Spezia, Cinque Terre, and much of the Riviera di Ponente occupying about 11,000 hectares in 3500 in primary culture and secondary culture.

This is a land that offers a good variety of wines, most good ones are definitely white.

The most typical is definitely good and the Sciacchetr, sweet and rare, only produced only in this region and the Cinque Terre, it goes to the fish, pesto and sweets with nuts and almonds.

There were also, and the Fermentino Pigato among whites, while the reds are represented dall'Ormeasco and Rossese.

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