Real estates sale for Northern and Central Italy, Tuscany farms, apartments farmer's houses castles. Gastronomy: ameter of measure to look for house?
The knowledge of a territory can also pass through the world of the tastes! !
The House: to know the environment usingthe eno-gastronomic " meter ".
For the page on the wines obvious importance is givento the wine and its forehand to the part I compare with l environment. With the "kitchen," you/he/she can likewise be appreciated one determined region (where his/her own interest is assembled.) More instinctively, with some simple dishes, in which the... "tastes of the Place"... eses are distinguishable. , vegetables, tubers, chestnuts mushrooms, fruit and vegetables generally, also the fishand other natural products!
cooks her Traditional, brings us to still approach us to the territory however more as regards the populations, the culture and tradition! You!…. To eat means to know" the places andhis/her own people"
The here introduce Situated an ample gastronomic fan of Italy ofthe tastes they make available!
----------- Set l I accent to the Proposals signalledwith special " Expose "! because they will contain in a short while or they already contain, detail information on I Feed - wine and other products of the same zone where they are found in sale the House! --------
sites Link of Recipes and dishes typical ofour Italian Regions

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Real estates sales for Northern and Central Italy, Venetian (Veneto), rustic, hamlets farmhouses in the Marches (Marche), Tuscany Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Friuli.
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