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Nature & Climate in the Italy
Nature, Landscapes & Climate of our beautiful Italy: a further reason to desire a house in It.
Way of italian living also means to know history of it, nature and.. the climate!
Yes,.. if we reflect a little bit there when we are interested to a house, our curiosity is immediately assembled in the thought: as it is the Climate in the zone? To that altitude is really found the house? and the vegetation? - nature, vegetation and landscapes suddenly become important, rather.... fundamental!
In this page, I concern to the theme " climate & nature " of our country, proposes some selected Website ones that are dealt with the matter in interesting way and deepened for the Italian regions.
Let's set l I accent to the real estate Proposals signalled with "Special Exposè!" will contain in a short while or they already contain, detail information on Climate and Nature of the same zone where the house is found in sale! (
The site of the parks and the Italian natural reserves, an extraordinary window opened wide on all the reserves and the protected parks, geographically divided and for typology. It is also available in English, and with his thousand of pages it represents the bestest Italian resource on the matter. (Language: English, de, it) (
Devoted to the so many beauties of the Italian territory, it proposes the complete list of it consultabile through motor of search or regional subdivision; in more, he/she offers information on the rivers and on his inhabitants: bugs, cried and naturally the fishes. Indeed a good way of doing environment! (Language: It.) (
The portal for all those people who love the sea: an easy and fast way to reach how much of better the Web generally offers in the field of the nautical one and on the sea activities.(Language: It.) (
A site on the life in the country and on the environment, entirely devoted to the earth and the animals. It is turned in particolar way toward the impassioned ones of the environment and the experts of the life in the country, and he/she offers a big number of resources on these matters. (Language: It.) (
All the information sull environment in net. In these pages the signalings of the bestest sites devoted to the environment, in 10 specific sections on environmental themes. (Language: It.)

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