Kind gentleman / lady

If she is interested to sell his property, we are pleased to suggest to her the advantages that our service offers:

Because to choose us?

Let's be in the first places of all the major search engines in the sector of the houses for sale in Italy in 5 languages!

It is an objective that also big companies don't reach . We have concretely realized simply it in our sector in ca. 6 years of job exclusively devoted to this purpose and over that in Italian language, in German language as in French, Dutch and English language.

For example: search in ( Google ) (Yahoo ) ( Lycos ) ( Altavista ) ( Msn the words: Real estate in Italy for sale

Translated in language:

English = (Real estate in Italy for sale)

French = Immobilier en Italie (search with major search engines .fr )

German = Immobilien in Italien (search with major search engines .de )

Italian = Case in vendita (search with major search engines .it )

Dutch = Onroerende goederen Italie (search with major search engines .nl )


How much does it cost to publish the sale of your property?

Euro 20 (Announcement writing maximum 500 Words without photo x 2 years) = 83 cents of Euro a month, ca 2 cents a day

Euro 50 (Announcement writing maximum 500 Words with 1 photos x 2 years) = 2 Euro a month: or ca. 6 cents of Euro a day - recommended

Euro 99 (Announcement complete Nr. Words boundless * * with 4 Photos "max. 6" + possible plain and possible external Link x 2 years) = 4, 1 Euro a month: or ca. 13 cents of Euro a day to allow to a reader to inform well - warmly recommended!

The everything valid for private and agencies, taxes and translations in italian and German it included and link of access directed by the site in French and Dutch version for the consumers in these languages. The announce it is extensible of others 2 years with the 50% of discount and without limits of Klik or other.


Bank: Poste Italiane IBAN CODE: IT - 46 - A - 07601 - 12300 - 000061120762
SWIFT CODE : BPPIITRR XXX filial of Lignano Pineta.

Pay to Mr Del Monaco Elvis


We beg you to send the photos, the property description and the payment info

to our E-mail Pippo


Tel. 0039 / 02 / 320626451 Mobil. 0039 / 339 / 6120898

Case in vendita Immobilien Italien Италия по недвижимости для продажи
Immobilier Italie Onroerend goed Italie Real estate Italy Tuscany

Marinehaus immobiliare di Del Monaco Elvis Via Cesare Augusto Nr. 8 I - 33018 Tarvisio ( UD ) P. iva 02293880304



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