A first home in the Veneto region !


Many of the reasons why choose villas and houses in the countryside and Venice nearby!

This beautiful region located in the north - east of Italy, its territory divided well: almost 60% and hills, about 15% and the rest of the mountain and plain. Apart from the measures about 200 km along the coast that borders the Adriatic Sea. There are very high mountains in this region, such as the Marmolada, located in the Dolomites

Lake Garda is also part of the territory

The venetian cities.
In spring, summer, autumn and even winter, every season is good to visit the art cities, chests that hold valuable historical and artistic heritage. Venice, Verona and Vicenza, the city included in UNESCO World Heritage List; Padua with its elegant heart of the city, Treviso, "urbs picta" refined but without ostentation; Rovigo character with his quiet but classic, Belluno, the door ' into the magical world of the Dolomites. But there is a less known fact the medieval villages, walled towns, places of spirituality centers minor historical and archaeological sites, the list is really long ... scattered throughout the area for hundreds of hidden treasures facts also in culture, traditions and local products just waiting to be discovered!

Accommodations of all kinds, excellent hospitality, cultural events, fairs and markets, many opportunities for shopping, great food and fun await you in the art cities. And churches, palaces, castles, stately homes, villas, museums, cobbled streets, porches and gardens breathe an atmosphere of beauty. Everywhere.

The Beaches in Venice, apartments and homes
It's easy to feel at home in the midst of golden sand and clear waters. There is no shortage in the region, sport, lush vegetation and lots of fun: choose where to spend your summer vacation is really easy. Here in this region! An award-winning coastline in 2010 with six blue flags (Bibione, Caorle, Eraclea, Jesolo, Cavallino and Lido di Venezia), confirming a clean sea and tourist services more and more quality.
Bibione, Eraclea, Caorle, Jesolo, Cavallino-Treporti, Lido di Venezia, Submarine, Sea Rosolina, eight resorts and about ninety miles of clean waters and beaches very well equipped. To this add in the range of offerings for sports: windsurfing, sailing, diving, beach volleyball, tennis, karting, mini golf, golf, archery, cycling and horse riding. And then turn on the lights here at night with restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, discos, piano bars, arcades and amusement parks to make your stay more enjoyable. All within a few miles away from the most famous art cities. A quick introduction to give you a taste of the surprises that you will find the beaches of our beautiful region. A vacation where it will be easy taking it easy and fun to discover treasures and delights of the palate. This region is waiting for you!

Regional lakes.
Pools of clear water, small villages, picturesque harbors, landscapes, exciting, lots of sport and dishes with excellent local products. It takes very few words to sum up the beauty and uniqueness of lakes in the territory. The best known is without doubt the Lago di Garda, with its resorts scattered along its eastern shore, the famous "Riviera of Olives."

But our beautiful venetian region also contains other small bodies of water, places where history and nature coexist in harmony, all beautiful: the lakes of Santa Croce, the Cadore, Agordino, Revine of Corlo and Mis. Really a wide range of suggestions for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday that alternates the fun, even the most rampant. Paradise for sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing, paragliding, mountain biking, trekking and Nordic walking, walking, riding, sport fishing and golf, the lakes also offer interesting Venetian landscapes and historical attractions cultural.

To welcome hundreds of accommodations to meet every need - hotels, resorts, residences, B & B, cottages - and ready to entertain you throughout the year. To conclude your stay in beautiful, a whirlwind of delight for the palate: fresh water fish, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheese, honey and berries.

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey?

Veneto parks.
From the mountains to the sea, the territory has six protected areas. Less known than the most popular tourist destinations, these rooms still have a wild nature. You can range from dreamy landscapes of the Po Delta Park - the world born from the endless struggle between sea, river and land - to the giant stone and the breathtaking views of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites or venture in search of Sempervivum, rare plant fat present only in the magical mountains of the Regional Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.

Po Delta Park
The Po Delta, near Rovigo, south to Venice is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy and the largest European wetland. The "gentle giant" as it is called the Po, before emptying into the Adriatic fans out branching out into seven streams, creating a unique natural environment. The wilder, the Po Maistra, offers the opportunity to visit the beautiful oasis of wetlands of Ca 'Pisani. Beautiful rolling landscape is along the branch of V., the main one, with its river basins, the seats of the lagoon, sandy islands, and extensive reed beds.


Sailing on the Po di Goro is tells the ancient history of reclamation, while the mouth of the Po di Tolle, where the river hugs the sea, is the Bag of Scardovari, breeding grounds of delicious mussels and clams. Each branch of the river reserve different scenarios, characterized by morning mists that give rarefied atmosphere cozy, sunset red glare of the sun. One of birds with over 370 species of migratory birds, migratory makes this step and half lives for birdwatchers.

The ways to experience the park are very many: hiking, horseback riding, boat tours, bicycle tours. For tourists have been equipped to visit many museums and centers, including all the large dewatering Ca 'Vendramin, now the Museum of Coastal Reclamation and the Botanical Gardens, in Rosolina declared Site of Community Importance (SCI).
For fishing enthusiasts there is also the opportunity to spend a day in the reeds on small boats, then stop in the "Remove from" typical fishermen's huts and enjoy the fish caught.

Hills and nature.
In the province of Padua, the Euganean represent an unique environment, where the human has been inserted in harmonious natural surroundings of great beauty and value.
On gentle hillsides sole protagonist is the nature with its diverse variety of flora and fauna. Woods of oak and chestnut trees alternate with large areas of Mediterranean maquis, neat rows of vines, fruit trees, the old olive trees.

Natural value is added to the area's rich historical and artistic heritage inside the park, consisting of villages, fortresses and castles and places of worship such as shrines and monasteries.
Suffice it to mention, for example, Este, Montagnana Monselice and, with the medieval city walls; Arqu Petrarca, an ancient medieval village of great charm; Luvigliano, Galzignano and Battaglia Terme with its splendid Venetian Villas, the Abbey and the Hermitage of Praglia Monte Rua.


But it is the whole of the Hills to offer the visitor a myriad of green paths, to walk, bike or horseback. For the well-trained, do not miss the natural rock climbing slopes, while golf enthusiasts have access to three green.

If your goal is relaxation, the Park offers the area of Terme Euganee, renowned worldwide for the uniqueness of its mud and processes that can be found in the plants of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia, and Galzignano Teolo.

For all you can get groped by the genuine taste of local products such as the thirteen varieties of DOC wines, honey, oil and the famous Montagnana ham DOP. Delicacies in the farms in the area and witthin the food and wine events that enliven the annual calendar of events such as the statement "Feast of the ham," which, in May, attracts thousands of admirers.

And 'the salt cod, prepared in dozens of different ways the undisputed king of cooking. This is one of the Italian regions that best combines the old recipes to the table with the experimentation of new flavors.

The land and sea are combined with elegance and good taste, from the coast to the hills, flavors, colors and scents are able to enchant even the most discerning palates.

A house with food and wine in this region? There is a great offer in-depth the best way to experience the traditions and customs of local life. Enables them to many tourist centers are often located close to city centers and largest art.
Food and wine unite many values of the area: nature, history and well-being come together in a typical day dedicated to the Venetian gastronomy, where the palate and always happy but there 's always something more to prove.

The starters of Venetian cuisine.

Panada and liver pate appetizers are two typical Venetian cuisine, with which pave the way for a gastronomic journey that will lead to the discovery of delicate flavors and sometimes gentle, sometimes quite daring.

The panada, as the name suggests, consists of a sort of bruschetta to the first form and then cooked over low heat, enhanced with a cream made of cinnamon and broth. Definitely the most aristocratic liver pate with onions and parsley.

Even the hors d'oeuvres on the table appear V. one of the most used in regional cuisine. The radicchio. As a prologue to a meal it is advisable to taste the fried or grilled.

For those who prefer flavors from the sea, we recommend the Venetian scallops with white wine or flavored smoked herring with mustard sauce

The typical Venetian dishes.

Bigoli (a paste similar to the better-trofie-shaped fusillo short) and rice are the main ingredients used to prepare the dishes of Venetian cuisine from V.

The former are combined with duck sauce and seasonings with chicken, rice, however, is found in soups and casseroles, which are necessary for condiments sauces eel or combinations of beans and peas.

The risotto with radicchio is one of the Venetian delicacies.

Typically Venetian recipe called Manai, consisting of beans cooked with pork bones to which is added after the flour.

From the hills of V., however, the recipe Casumziei Ampezzo, a sort of ravioli stuffed with beets and ricotta, you can taste the butter, pumpkin, poppy seed.

The cod Vicentina, with tomato, capers and onion recipe is the best known and most characteristic with which prepares the main course, with regard to the latter, regional cuisine.

More ways to enjoy V. in the cod, are classic, the fried cod, all'insalata, seasoned with more or less delicate sauces or creamy Venetian with a crust of bread crumbs and the addition of cream.

Classic recipe is the liver Venetian lagoon with the addition of onions. Rounding out the regional proposal of main courses, we find the duck and the ever polenta for the regions of North Italy.

Search houses, good food .. and wine!

Venetian Wines !

The venetian territory is one of the Italian regions that produce the largest quantity of wine, many of which have been awarded the doc.

Among his most precious products within the wine is reminiscent of Amarone, decorated with the DOCG. Less important but still valuable, Bardolino, Valpolicella and Soave.

For whites in the region boasts one of the most delicious sparkling wines and quality of Italy, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, and in particular the Cartizze, the area where they grow the grapes that give life to this great sparkling wine to start or conclude meals.

Almost useless, given the reputation, remember that the region is also the grappa.

Many of these grape spirits are still produced according to ancient recipes, but most of the Venetian grappa have reached very high levels of quality and are sold worldwide.

A bit of history of wine in the Region.
The Venetian winemaking was born from the ashes of what, at the time of the Serenissima Republic of V., produced wines so famous as to be exported throughout Europe. The devastation comes to hand mildew, phylloxera and mildew. The rebirth of life in the region sees the introduction of Bordeaux vineyards, Burgundy and other regions of Italy. The V. is a region diverse in terms of soil and climate. The coastline, which stretches from the mouth of the Tagliamento Po, joins the mountainous area that characterizes the entire northern part of the region.

The mountains fade into the hills in the area of Bassano del Montello and finally lost to the region plain. The climate is as varied as its territory along the coast the summers are hot and muggy and mild winters. Moving inland the climate becomes distinctively continental with cool summers and very cold winters. In the north, the influence of the pads tends to accentuate the daily temperature range while reducing the seasonal one. The rainfall is abundant, and numerous lakes and rivers contribute to mitigating climate. As for the production of wine in the region ranks at the top of the ranking Italian with 7 million hectoliters a year from 70 000 hectares. The quality level is high: the region accounts for 20% of national production of quality wines. Among the most red grapes grown in the region include: Merlot, Corvina, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Raboso Piave, Molinara, Pinot Nero and Barbera. The white grapes are the most common: Garganega, Prosecco, Tocai Friulano, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Verduzzo Treviso.

The property market in the region is not entirely out of the reach of their pockets, as a small example, just visit our houses for sale Venetian.

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