frecciadx Description of the farmhouse
Italy, Veneto,:Portion of house near the Adriatic sea!
Italy real estates: Portion of house of absorbed head in the green next to the adriatic sea!
farm, - farmstead, for sale Code F4 (around 100mq) House to central team in situated sale to in the proximities of Latisana in small country ca 16 kms from the Sea. Away from industrial installations and happily had been positioning with sun for the morning to the evening (to south they are found the majority of the windows) Panning natural good person, (naturally still best all last floor). Despite is a rustic construction is introduced dry and under discreet general conditions. The dimensions allow a good use as home of it vacations but as many as first home. the real estate is positioned in independent way on two sides (east side and west combined to the near home) constituted to the plain earth by an entry, stay and independent kitchenette. To the first floor corridor, die great rooms and to the second floor, garret, great exploitable space for a Bath and anchor two rooms. A little portion property of few meters squares comfortable as sets plots or to place you a table chairs! To restructure, the neighbors, l has already done, rather well!

frecciadxThe price
Code F4
Price: 54.000. Euro
Taxes ---- Euro, desk at first House)
Notary ca. 1.600 Euro, (universe enrollment-expenses included)
Commission, anybody
Solution of instalment :
Installments in 15 years for whole amount:

Solution Nr. 1
(Notary, taxes - credit preparation expenses)
Monthly installment: Euro

Solution Nr. 2
Deposit 0
(For whom not any pure money can or wants to pay down)
Monthly installment: Euro

frecciadxCustomer service - guarantees
Real estate for sale in Veneto Code F4:

Property involves him/it first natural guarantee the financial datum at him/it: Effective price shall for the purchase: if pass, navy-house " of it places itself itself for the difference, that overcomes the expenses described to the detail, financially responsibly.

1) guarantee at him/it effective purchase-food including is the taxes, land-registers examination-documents and notarial handling.
2) guarantee with full responsibility exists for the absence of debts, mortgages and weighs type from everyone, outside the straight existing Servitu for example " servant-shaft of passageway " and similar,
3) help concretely and in the area after sale for organizes an as favorable as possible restructuring as well as possible enlargements.
4) guarantee of electric delivery, Enel " and available drinking water up to the the property and to it also included in the purchase-price.
5) guarantee on no obstacles concerning the desk from application to civilian clothes residence usufruct at the parish.
(For this proposal, the clauses nr 4 and nr 5 are not applied, because the farmhouse is already habitable and with the all the services that work well!)

Real estate in the North and Central Italy. Homes Rustic farm, farms - farmstead hamlets farms,rustic farmhouses, property in the Venice, the Marches (Marche), Tuscany Liguria, Emilia Romagna Friuli and Piedmont.
Real estates Venice (Veneto), the Marches (Marche) Piedmont,farmhouses, rustic hamlets in Tuscany Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Friuli.
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