Italy!.. Emilia Romagna (The village of Berra, personal impressions and gives on the territory)
Real estate in Italy for sale Emilia Romagna Code F4: Rustic. Village of Berra
Surface: 6.861 kmqs
Altitude: mt. 2 (min -1 max 9)
Population: 5.772
Density: 88.87
Berra, calm country among Ferrara and the Sea.
Away from industrial installations Berra it rises behind the Po and it is a predominantly agricultural center. The origin of the country goes up again to Thousand and its name is repeated more times in the actions of the history of Pomposa. The name would derive from the Latin voice Bera (level earth) or from the Germanic Werra. The Commune of Berra it is in the Province of Ferrara, The territory is level. The altitude goes from a minimum of -1 meters to a maximum of +9 meters on the level of the sea. The territory of the village Berra it stretches for 6.861 hectares, The village has as chief town Berra (Town center) and he/she understands the fractions of Cologna and Serravalle. The centers of Serravalle and Cologna are situated to around 7 kilometers of distance from he/she will Drink. The inhabitants were 5.772 to 31.12.2002.
Outskirtses of the house
The odors of the nature are the only perceptible, as you/he/she can be imagined observing the fields cultivated by the window. The river Po is to some kilometer of distance, and to few hundred meters it gives to you the cycle footstep (one of the longest of Italy believe) that it broadly overcomes the 200 kilometers and... it crosses the zone using the further bank of containment of the river, offering a beautiful natural panorama, as well as the convenience to be able to practically reach the sea in bicycle.

The sun in summer doesn't know obstacles up to his to lower (they are almost the hours 21,00) and in the evening the garden (fenced) is lent for organizing suppers and parties!
The illumination nighttime day-pupil is already ready and the adjacent attached construction, (adaptable to garage) of water and light is furnished for being able to cook you in these occasions!
Maintaining the same road to arrive you, it is found in 1, 5 kms a hardware and a great supermarket. To half road there is the cafe and the sale newspapers ! For the one who doesn't want to use the car, the stop of the bus is to alone 50m from the house; you/he/she can also be reached you the sea.
The first time that we have been in the house, the neighbor has us " almost forced " to lunch from him.
After that we have tasted some grape (of the few vines of ownership) and from the only tree of fig tree belonging to the house.
We have lodged for the night;
At night the silence is almost absolute… crickets and other bugs, are interrupted nearby rarely by the dog of the, neighbor, ago pleasure the breeze of the evening. With the serene sky and the moon, the view is almost to day (the time can be read by the clock) and to admire the natural panorama of the night. And always present a light odor of hay (in spring also of the flowers of the trees nearby.) All these feelings have upset the first night, so much that we have chosen to look at the window and then to walk in pò in the few meters of little road not asphalted to the place to sleep. At the end of the romantic night, ca to the 05.30 of the morning about some cow is complained a little bit, but the distance makes this perceptible windows solo opened wide from who is practically already awake.

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